Meet The Team


STEVE CLARK - FOUNDER/OWNER/LEAD INVESTIGATOR of S.T.U.R.S and Co-host of Into The Unknown Realm with Steve and Naomi

Steve started the S.T.U.R.S team, based out of Somersworth, NH in October 2010 with a former co-founder in a mission to help people understand and deal with paranormal events in their environment. He has dealt with the unexplained from childhood to adulthood personally, helping him understand and relate with clients along with making him strive to learn more about the paranormal realm. You can see the founder of S.T.U.R.S, Steve Clark along with some glimpses of some of his team on A & E's My Ghost Story, episode 64, "Spirit's In The Spotlight". Steve is also the co-host on Dtm Wicked Radio's Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi on Monday's nights at 8pm est at www.dtmwickedradio.com/itur with his wife Naomi. Contact Steve if you need the assistance of his team to help you or if you need someone to speak to about events that may be happening in your environment that cannot be explained at seekingtheunknownrealmsociety@yahoo.com or at 207-809-7654.

Steve Erhard – Lead Technician/Camera/Investigator and Radio Personality on Into The Unknown Realm Radio Show

Steve started in 2010 and is one of the original starting members of S.T.U.R.S.  His first investigation was a private investigation of a farmhouse in Rochester, NH with S.T.U.R.S Founder/Owner, Steve Clark and other teammates. Steve is a part of S.T.U.R.S because he wants to help people and give them comfort that they are not going crazy and come up with a logical explanation of what is causing their experiences if at all possible. Some of Steve’s paranormal interests stem from when Steve was growing up, his father claims to have seen UFO's on two different occasions.  One was in Nashua, NH in the summer of one year and then another time in Manchester, NH.  It was while he was doing Christmas shopping, he came out of the mall and said he saw it hovering just above the trees very quiet. Steve’s grandfather in Winchester, MA saw it the same night as his aunt when they lived at Pease AFB.  She said she saw it over the old Newington Mall area and this was back in the mid 1970's. Steve has had several instances where he has had feelings of what was going to happen before it did.  For example, one day last summer Steve had a funeral to go to and afterwards his mother and Steve left, they drove around the town where she grew up. They stopped at a couple cemeteries where relatives were buried in. One of these he had NEVER been to. This was an old cemetery, probably 200 graves and had one road straight in like a driveway so you have to back out.  Steve’s mother said her grandparents were buried in that particular one but she had no idea where. Steve got out of his truck and turned around closed his eyes for a few seconds then picked a random direction and walked right to their graves. Steve is a great asset to S.T.U.R.S as one of the original teammates, holding many roles on the team and can be found mostly behind a camera during investigations and also fondly known as “Quiet Steve” on the radio show Into The Unknown Realm, manning the chat room and chiming in here and there when not feeling quiet.  


Nick Clark - Lead Technician/Camera/Investigator

Nick started in 2010 and is one of the original starting members of S.T.U.R.S.  Nick comes to S.T.U.R.S with a background in engineering and our one of our go-to guys for all things technical making him one of two of our Lead Technicians.  You also can mostly find Nick behind the camera during our investigations but also willing to be the bait for interacting with spirits, most notably during our last trip to the second most haunted place in the US and fourth in the world, Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY.  Nick has had paranormal experiences with his family making him want to learn more and get answers from the unknown realm.  With Nick's great knowledge and engineering mind, he brings to S.T.U.R.S the technical side of our investigations.  One of the first to troubleshoot, debunk and explain what others may not be able to along with bringing a great sense of humor to the team.  Nick too, is a great piece to the S.T.U.R.S puzzle. 

 Naomi Clark - Investigator/Marketing/Case Manager &  
Co-host/Producer of Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi

Naomi joined STURS in January of 2013.  Naomi has always been sensitive to spirits around her but yet to embrace her inner psychic, but allowing these feelings to help her in guiding her in investigations proving to be very beneficial.  She also has experienced uncountable times where she has known she is going to see someone, something is going to happen or felt the emotions of another person as if they were her own.  Prior to STURS, Naomi has always had a inner curiosity and passion for the unknown and being a part of a strong paranormal team as STURS has been very rewarding.  Naomi's strengths have been the organization and promotion of the team along with the radio show - Into The Unknown Realm that she and STURS team founder and husband, Steve Clark are the co-hosts and producers for along with being a liaison between the team and the paranormal community.  You can listen to DTM Wicked Radio's Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi on Monday nights at 8 pm est at
www.dtmwickedradio.com/itur where Naomi is joined by her teammates, Steve Clark and Steve Erhard.  Naomi stands by the mission of the team to help people understand and deal with paranormal events in their environment and doing it in a respectful manner. Some of Naomi's roles include from investigator, administrative duties for the team, setting up investigations, co-host/producer to radio show, promoter/marketing and set up of equipment.  You can also find Naomi and Steve singing together in events such as the Paranormal Awards. Naomi also is Miss January in the 2014 Women in The Paranormal Calendar.


Nikki Musisi - Investigator

ikki joins STURS May 2014 after being on several investigations with STURS over a year.  She is a fresh face to the team with a great eagerness to learn all about the paranormal. 
Nikki has had things happen to her ever since a was a little girl . Nikki and her mom lived at Granite Village Apts when she was a baby and on several occasions Nikki's mom would go to check on her and Nikki would be put under her crib with a blanket . There was no one else in the house but the two of them, so how would she get there? As Nikki got a little older she would talk to the spirit and play with him . When Nikki was about 10, she had a best friend Darla and she had two spirits in her house . One was an old man that was not to friendly and a little girl.  Nikki remembers her having these dolls all around her room and as they laid in bed the dolls eyes would move . The two of them were so interested to know more about this little girl so they would talk to her little bother in his sleep to get more info on her because he would talk and play with this little girl . Nikki has always been sensitive when it comes to feeling sprits around and believes this is a gift from her mother.  Nikki is  always eager to know about them or why they are around .   Nikki says, "I am very excited to be able to join the team so we can help people to know what is going on in there house . I know how it feels to wonder what's going on around you but not have to right tools or knowledge to understand . I believe there are spirits among us and I'm more then happy to be able to try prove it!"

Erin Morse - Investigator/Photographer

Ever have that feeling like you’re being watched?  Or, you smell that perfume or flowers or pipe smoke that reminds you of a lost family member or friend? Or you could swear you heard somebody call your name.  It happens to Erin all the time, reminders that your loved ones are still around. Not to hurt or scare you, but to let you know they’re there for you.  When walking into a building and she could swear she’s been there before, then realizes she been there….in a dream.  It may sound crazy and a bit out there, but it’s happened and so hard to explain.  Her first experience with anything paranormal was when she was around 10 years old and was living in Lowell, MA at the time.  She woke up in the middle of the night with that feeling of being watched.  She looked down at the end of her bed and standing there, clear as day was a man and his dog.  The man was wearing fishing gear and the dog was big and shaggy.  She can still picture them both to this very day.  Its little things like this that has made her want to know more about the paranormal world.  She has watched a couple TV shows and read a few things about paranormal, but she prefers to experience it herself first had.  By joining STURS, it’s given her the chance to do just that.  Sitting in a dark room or basement and opening yourself up to whoever may be there to contact us in any way, shape or form is so thrilling.  And then working with the team to come up with a reasonable explanation of what we may have heard, felt or had seen.  When there is no other explanation, knowing it’s paranormal related is just too cool! She’s still learning all the things to do and things to keep an eye out for on an investigation and can’t wait to do more and experience more. Whether it’s using dowsing rods to connect to a passed one or taking pictures in hopes of catching something, it’s all an amazing experience. When she’s not spending time with STURS, Erin works full time doing accounting work and also runs a karaoke business with her husband, Jason and spends time with their fury kids, Midas and Loki.  And when she has a little more time left, she loves to spend it with her daughter, future son-in-law and beautiful grandson.  One piece of advice to pass along…always follow your gut! There’s something or somebody there telling you something.  She believes we all have the ability to get information from somebody who has passed and many times that little feeling is that message.  Never disregard anything! Erin is a great addition to the STURS team as she is brings her photography skills, love for the dowsing rods, great ideas and eagerness to continue to learn more about the paranormal on a continuous basis. 

Eric "Boats" Hardy - Investigator/Researcher/Evidence Review

Eric has always been fascinated with the unknown and never would stop trying to find out what made the bump in the night or flew across the sky. Prior to S.T.U.R.S Eric investigated along with his wife and daughter on there own. When the TV show Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures came out, not only did Eric not want to miss an episode he found this to be a challenge for him to do research to understand how things work in the universe.  Eric is a Veteran serving 12 years in the U.S Navy 4 years active and 8 years reserve as a Boatswains mate. He has been a Firefighter full time for 15 years and as a Volunteer for 18 years. This back ground has given him huge team work skills and the attention to detail that is required in a S.T.U.R.S team member.  Eric has a keen sense of awareness and witticism like no other, but allows these feelings to help him in investigations, at time he can be a bit unorthodox but always proving to be very beneficial. He has experienced numerous paranormal accounts where he has seen something or knew that something was going to happen, which he truly believes has saved his life and the lives of others in the major events of his life. Originally introduced to S.T.U.R.S by S.T.U.R.S teammate Steve Erhard, whom he has known for 18 years and then Naomi whom he has known for 25 years. Eric set his sights on his para-passion and wanted to be a part of a strong paranormal team like S.T.U.R.S.  Eric's strengths have been pre-sight reconnaissance for investigation, research and has been a special guest and co-host for the radio show Into The Unknown Realm from time to time. Some of Eric's roles include investigator, setting up investigations and researcher.  

Paula Clark - Investigator/Psychic/Medium/Researcher

Paula comes to S.T.U.R.S with many gifts, knowledge and insight that make her another beneficial piece to the S.T.U.R.S puzzle which includes psychic/medium gifts, her great knowledge into the earth's energies and her extreme drive in researching extensively for the history in need.  Paula is also a Tai-Chi instructor.  Prior to accepting her spot onto S.T.U.R.S, Paula investigated with the team on several locations proving what a great asset and fit she would be to the team.  Paula is able to combine her many roles on the team into one when investigating helping in any way she is needed.

Jaimie Adams - Investigator

Jaimie is a United States Air Force Veteran, Law Enforcement trained in criminal and black market investigations along with interview techniques.  Prior to becoming a full-time mom, Jaimie was also a full-time firefighter and a volunteer firefighter in her community, as well as a fire explorer advisor and fire instructor.  With being a firefighter, she possesses training in arson investigation and juvenile fire setting investigations.  All of these being great skills to have when investigating the unknown. Jaimie has had experiences with the unknown her entire life but never understood what it was until she was in her late teens to early 20’s. She is curious by nature and not understanding/knowing is not an option for Jaimie.  She is driven to get answers or at least be able to say she tried her best.  A house that she moved out of not too long ago presented a myriad of entities.  She has been touched, seen shadows, heard footsteps, heard people talking and interacting with her Parrot. She has experienced seen people that she knew weren’t there.   Jaimie enjoys learning new investigative techniques and looks forward to continue searching for answers, to help her understand why are they here?  How can she help?  Jaimie says, “I’m very interested to help others find answers or ease their fears about the things that go “bump” in the night.  More importantly, I want to help ease others’ fears by conducting a thorough investigation and disprove some of the things appear paranormal.  I am excited to be part of the STURS team.  STURS is group of professional, knowledgeable and dedicated people that come together for the common goal of helping others.  This truly is a family that goes above and beyond and I am truly blessed to have this opportunity.  I look forward to learning from the team and meeting new people along the way.  I have already learned so much thanks to everyone’s willingness to share and teach.”  With Jaimie’s extensive experience, training and skills, she definitely has proven to be a fantastic asset to the STURS team along with her thirst for knowledge. She also has proven herself to be a strong teammate in being proactive all around in our investigations and evidence reviews.  Jaimie is another great piece to the STURS puzzle. 

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