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We are honored to be nominated for Radio Show of the Year 2014

Join us as we go Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi on Monday nights at 8 pm as they explore the paranormal world,
have special paranormal and spiritual guests, share and discuss evidence that their guests and their paranormal team, S.T.U.R.S
(Seeking The Unknown Realm Society) have caught on their investigations.  They are regularly joined by their teammate - "Quiet" Steve E.  for a very entertaining and funny hour filled with craziness and laughs! This is a show you don't want to miss!  You can catch ITUR on iHeart Radio, Podbean, Podcast, itunes, spreaker, xcite radio, Paraencounters Radio, pod o matic and always on DTM Wicked Radio Network.    

Many guests of the show have included the following people/groups~

Ce Ce "The Huntress" Carole & The Producer Jeff Leeper

Riseup Paranormal/TAPS Teammates - Ken DeCosta, Joe Chin (also of Ghost Hunters International),
Traci Boiselle and Wendy Alsteld Thatcher

Daniel Hooven ~ Haunted Encounters, School Spirits, Paranormal Challenge and Residential Undead

A Higher Energy ~ Owner Stacy Lynn 
11th Hour Paranormal Founders & 2013 & 2014 Paranormal Award Nominee for Literary Award and Author
Chad Stambaugh & wife Crissy Campbell
Executive Producer of My Ghost Story Mark Philips
Psychic/Medium Rachel Fern
Sharon Coyle Farley ~ Owner of the 2nd most haunted place in America and 4th in the world, ROLLING HILLS ASYLUM
Edwin Gonzales ~ Owner THE HAUNTED VICTORIAN MANSION as seen in Ghost Hunters and  Ghost Adventures
Psychic/Medium/Hypnotist ~ Lorna Reynolds
Bob Christopher ~ Ghost Detectives TV Show and Radio Show
Brian Cano ~ The Haunted Collector

Sean Whalen ~ Actor, can be seen in The People Under The Stairs, Halloween II, Men in Black, etc.
Bama Boys from Deep South Paranormal
Marc Arvilla & Lauren Sheridan from Glory Haunt Hounds
Katie Haas from Unknown Darkness
Kadrolsha Ona ~ The Queen of the Paranormal
Shannon & Matt from St. Augustine Lighthouse
Bruce Tango ~ Ghost Hunters
Jason Morse ~ The Crypto Crew
Brandy Herr ~ Author
Dustin Pari ~ Ghost Hunters International
Andrea Perron ~ Conjuring movie based on the experiences of her family,  She is the eldest daughter.  Author.
Leitreanna Brown ~ Family Spirit Radio Show Host/Psychic/Medium
Jane Riley ~ Ghost Hunters Academy
Tyler Fedderson ~ Paranormal Prophecy and Dead Time
Will Scoville ~ Friday Night Lights, Swinging at Shadows & Voices of The Unknown
Scott Tepperman ~ Ghost Hunters International
John Zaffis ~ The Haunted Collector
Roxy and Gina from rock band Vixen
Ryleigh and Stephen Black ~ Black Cross Paranormal & Club Para
Phil McCrae - McCrae Paranormal
Sara Brooke - Author
Rachel Hoffman & Tina Storer ~ PXP Paranormal
Chris Rondina ~ Author
John Brightman ~ NEPR & as seen on A Haunting, Ghost Adventures etc.
Keith Johnson ~ Demonoligist, From NEAR,  as seen on Ghost Hunters & Paranormal State
Chris Mancusso ~ SCARED!
Mike Sciabarrasi ~ Deftone Pictures Studios
Sean Whalen ~ Actor known for Twister, People Under The Stairs, Jersey Boys, etc.
Shannon Sylvia ~ Ghost Hunters International
Katrina Weidman ~ Paranormal State & Paranormal Lockdown
Scott Gruenwald ~ Travel Channel's Paranormal Paparazzi
Heather Taddy ~ Paranormal State
JJ Fad Rap group
Victor "The Voice" Fuhrman
Steve DiSchiavi - The Dead Files
Barry Fitzgerald ~ Ghost Hunters International
Tyler Fedderson ~ Paranormal Prophecy & Xploration Unknown
Paranormal After Party
Ben Hansen ~ SyFy's Fact or Fake
Chris DiCesare ~ C2D1 Haunting
Rosalyn Bown ~ Ghost Hunters Academy
Deanna Simpson ~ As seen on The Dead Files, My Haunted House and A Haunting
Karissa Fleck & Phil Siracusa ~ The Horsefly Chronicles
Jay Wasley ~ Ghost Adventures
Brutus Beefcake ~ Wrestling Icon
Connie Costello ~ Featured on Paranormal Lockdown
Dalen Spratt ~ Ghost Brothers
Carrie Whiteman ~ The 555 Production
Nicole "Majik" Lahousse 
Frank Cinelli aka Dr. Spectre
Sam Baltrussis ~ Author 
Brandie Wells ~ Psychic Medium & The 555 Productions
Amongst many other amazing guests.
Many more upcoming guests!  Make sure you tune in!!!

TUNE IN at www.dtmwickedradio.com/itur

Left - Jason Wasley & wife Ashley from Ghost Adventures.  Right - Rosalyn Brown from Ghost Hunters Academy.

Chip Coffey from Paranormal State & Psychic Kids

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